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At NUXAV, we revolutionize the way individuals interact with the world. Through our cutting-edge solutions, we empower creativity, productivity, expression, and connectivity. Our team members are the foundation of this commitment.

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NUXAV’s audio-visual experiences fuel creativity, cooperation, and interaction. With signal management and sophisticated cloud-based communication, collaboration, and control solutions, NUXAV solutions dismantle barriers, span divides, and unites individuals, regardless of distance.

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The most innovative and versatile solutions available in the market.

NUXAV is leading the AV over IP revolution by providing the most comprehensive range of products and solutions. No matter the configuration, environment, or bandwidth, we offer everything you need to join the new era of AV.


Let’s Get Interactive

NUXAV Solutions are establishing a new benchmark for AV/IP convergence with pioneering Wireless Presentation and Collaboration, as well as groundbreaking Cloud-integrated Room Control and web-based AV Network Management.

NUXAV Education Solutions

NUXAV education solutions equip educators and students at all levels, from kindergarten to college, with powerful AV tools necessary to prepare for the future.


NUXAV delivers comprehensive AV solutions for all types of corporate and business environments with its state-of-the-art hardware, advanced software, and cutting-edge cloud technologies, leading the industry in this regard.

Banking & Trading

When it comes to conducting business in the banking and trading industries, safeguarding sensitive information is essential. To this end, NUXAV trader station solutions, secure meeting rooms, and training rooms provide the most dependable, secure, adaptable, and user-friendly display solutions available.


Healthcare facilities worldwide trust NUXAV to route high-quality images that have the potential to educate, save lives, and enhance security for medical professionals.

Government & Defence

NUXAV provides inventive AV management and user-friendly workstation solutions to security and government organizations of all magnitudes.

NUXAV | Education Solutions
Meeting Room Solutions

NUXAV at Work provides comprehensive meeting room solutions to meet any requirement and budget.

Enterprise Management

Effortlessly configure, route, and manage any AV device, room feature, and IP stream from any location.

Collaborative Classroom

Elevate student involvement and foster active learning in an environment enriched with technology.

Control Solutions

NUXAV’s control solutions provide thorough cloud-based control and analytics for any professional AV setting.

Project Registration

By registering your upcoming project, NUXAV’s Pro AV professionals will provide you with all the assistance and information necessary to kick-start it with the correct products, at a competitive cost.

NUXAV Video Confrence Solutions
Meeting Room

Easily connect, present and collaborate, wired or wireless, with any device in any-sized space.

Trader Station

Potent and user-friendly solutions that prevent data theft in fast-paced, multi-screen, and multi-source trading environments.

O.R. / Examination Room

Our dependable and advanced technology for managing and displaying multiple video feeds in the operating room assists medical professionals in making life-saving decisions.

Control Room

NUXAV provides an extensive array of highly adaptable control room solutions to route, display, secure, and manage numerous video feeds for crucial government and enterprise applications.

Sports Bar

NUXAV’s reliable matrix solutions, customizable control mechanisms, and powerful range extenders ensure that your clients indulge in an unparalleled multi-screen sports viewing experience.


NUXAV provides a wide selection of specialty Pro AV products designed for various markets and applications, numbering in the thousands. Our vendor’s products are backed by a Global Warranty and supported by a helpful technical team to ensure customer satisfaction.

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